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 Why we love what we do


I became addicted to Cornhole the very first time I played about 9 years ago. The Boards were sketchy, the bags were worse, but we had a blast playing with our friends. I made it my mission to build better equipment and keep the good time with friends going.


That's where Blue Collar Cornhole was born. A small group of my good friends that loved the game as much I did, decided, we can grow the game. The right way. Around having fun first. The rest has been an explosion of growth, from volunteering at our Eagles clubs, and benefits for friends, to becoming one of the premier event hosts in Mid-Michigan.


We run Cornhole events all over the state and have aligned ourselves with the American Cornhole League, one the fastest growing nationaly sanctioned leagues in the country. And we do it with the fun first mentality. Now our boards are nicer, bags are state of the art, but the good times with Friends hasn't changed a bit.

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