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  • The NASTY bag is a fuller feeling bag, much like its predecessor the DIRTY bag.
  • It is an extremely fast bag & great for sliding up the board in any weather condition.  Dry, humid, wet, rainy, you name it, this bag will go. 
  • The “slide” side is made from a synthetic canvas, while the “sticky” side is a printed micro suede like the other bags & is great for blocking your opponent’s bags. 
  • The NASTY bag is our best seller & acts like a magnet going to the hole. 
  • This bag is great for any style thrower, hard or soft.  Soft throwers who don’t throw a lot of “revs” on their bag may benefit more with the extremely fast synthetic side.
  • It is ideal for those “Nasty” rainy, wet, humid conditions. 
  • It weighs the regulation 16oz & measures 6”x6”.

ACL Approved - Nasty Full Set

SKU: Nasty-FullSet
#1 Bag Color (Same Color Front & Back)
#2 Bag Color (Same Color Front & Back)
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    Custom Color Combinations Ship in 5-7 Business Days.

  • Custom colors available, Please inquire for custom orders.

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